Residential Roof Options

We offer a variety of residential roof options. Some roofs may last 20 years, while metal roofs might last more than 50. Some roofing materials have higher up-front costs, but provide savings in the long run. With all of the available roofing materials, homeowners often have a difficult time determining which residential roof material is right for them.

Our specialists will consult with you, educating you about the life-cycle costs of the roofing material.

You’ll want to consider the current and potential value of your home as well. In 2013, Remodeling Magazine (Real Estate Mag) issued a report that found the return on investment for a full roof replacement averages 53.4% and a 61.7% for a micro rehab.


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This stunning home really sparkled once we added this roof.

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Types of Residential Roofing

We install a variety of roofing material. Our experts take the look and feel of your house into consideration when helping you determine which roof is right for you.


Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles can be used on any house from historic to contemporary. The great part about this option is that it is inexpensive, there are a variety of options with extra durability, fire resistance, easily repaired and there are multiple color types and manufactures available.

The downside is they have a relatively short lifespan: 15-30 years. When it’s hot, they scar easily and they’re subject to mildew and moss. Another downside, they are not environmentally friendly.


Wooden Shingles

This natural look is great for ranches, bungalows, cottages, historic and contemporary homes. It offers some insulation value and it blends nicely with the environment.

When maintained, these wooden shingles can last up to 50 years. When pressure treated, they have a better fire rating than normal. They’re a bit high maintenance, but add absolutely beautiful curb appeal.


Engineered Rubber/Plastic

These are 1/3 of the weight of slate, they last 30-50 years, cost effective, attractive, and we have them available in a wide range of colors and styles. They’re made of reclaimed materials and new to the market. Best part? They match virtually any style home!



A metal roof gives your home a different look. There’s steel, aluminum, tin, and copper metals available. Each metal is available in a different look. For example, cedar shingles, standing seam, or slate. They’re perfect for bungalows, cottages, ranches, historical and contemporary homes.

With a wide variety of color option, these durable lightweight materials have a long lifespan: 50 years. They’re extremely low maintenance, can be installed over existing roofs, and they have outstanding performance during strong storms (high wind, hail, and rain). Though they may require a bit of painting over time, they are definitely a durable option with low maintenance over time.



Perfectly suited for Mediterranean, French, Italian, Eclectic, Spanish Eclectic, Beaux Arts, Prairie, and Mission homes, the vibrant colors and styles available provide endless possibilities. They’re fireproof and non-combustible. They’re fragile but easily maintained, and extremely durable when they’re maintained.

Structural requirements limit the use of tile roofing, your consultant will advise you accordingly because it is a heavy material. This product is primarily used in new homes as a result.



There are many colors and styles available and they match virtually any home style. They’re relatively lightweight so they’re suitable for most structures. They’re fire and insect resistant and meet many more of the restrictive fire codes.

They’re extremely durable and resource efficient and require little maintenance. The quality can be uneven, but that is why you work with a specialist to ensure the most consistent quality.


Flat Roof

Flat roofs are great for modern homes and they’re inexpensive and easy to repair.



Fiberglass roofing fits about any style of home and is exceptionally waterproof. The material is relatively lightweight and there are many shapes and colors available. They’re inexpensive and come in a wood or slate appearance. Tear-proof and pliable, they’re also environmentally safe!

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